Table 1

Gene names and accession numbers of transporters examined in placenta

Gene NameAccession Number
Mdr1aAbcb1a S66618
Mdr1bAbcb1b M81855
Mdr2Abcb4 L15079
Mrp1Abcc1 AJ277881
Mrp2Abcc2 X96393
Mrp3Abcc3 AF072816
Mrp4Abcc4Unpublished data
Mrp5Abcc5 AB020209
Mrp6abcc6 U73038
Sterolin 1AbcG5 AF312714
Sterolin 2AbcG8 AF351785
Oat1Slc22a6 AB004559
Oat2Slc22a7 L27651
Oat3Slc22a8 AB017446
NtcpSlc10a1 M77479
BsepAbcb11 U69487
Oct1Slc22a1 X98344
Oct3Slc22a3 AF055286
OctN1Slc22a4 AF169831
Oatp1Slc21a1 L19031
Oatp2Slc21a5 U88036
Oatp3Slc21a7 AF083469
Oatp4Slc21a10 AF217450
Oatp5Slc21a13 AF053317
Oatp12Slc21a12 AF239262
OatKSlc21a4 D79981
PGTSlc21a2 M64862
PEPT1Slc15a1 D50306
PEPT2Slc15a2 D63149
ZnT1Slc30a1 U17133
MenkesAtp7a U59245
WilsonAtp7b U08344
Cnt1Slc28a1 U10279
Cnt2Slc28a2 U66723
Ent1Slc29a1 AF015304
Ent2Slc29a2 AF015305