Correlation of UGT2B7 protein content with glucuronidation activities Glucuronidation activities and immunoquantified UGT2B7 protein content were measured in the same set of human liver microsomes (n = 54) and compared by Spearman rank order correlation analysis. Values represent the Spearman correlation coefficient (rs), and P value for the indicated comparisons.


UGT2B7 Protein Content vs.
Spearman Correlation (rs)
P Value
AZT glucuronidation 0.765a <0.001
Morphine-3-glucuronidation 0.503a <0.001
Morphine-6-glucuronidation 0.509a <0.001
Codeine glucuronidation 0.33 0.015
Estradiol-3-glucuronidation -0.254 0.0637
Trifluoperazine glucuronidation 0.0646 0.641
Serotonin glucuronidation -0.133 0.341
Propofol glucuronidation -0.0613 0.658
R-Oxazepam glucuronidation 0.424 0.0015
S-Oxazepam glucuronidation
  • a Correlations were considered statistically significant when the rs value was greater than or equal to 0.50 and the P value was less than 0.001