List of chemicals, dosing regimen, known receptor activated, and the target gene of activation


Dosing Regimen


Marker Gene
TCDD 40 μg/kg CO i.p. AhR Cyp1A1
PCB126 300 μg/kg CO p.o.
BNF 200 mg/kg CO i.p.
PB 100 mg/kg SAL i.p. CAR Cyp2B10
TCPOBOP 3 mg/kg CO i.p.
DAS 200 mg/kg CO i.p.
PCN 200 mg/kg CO i.p. PXR Cyp3A11
SPR 200 mg/kg CO i.p.
DEX 75 mg/kg CO i.p.
CLOF 500 mg/kg SAL i.p. PPARα Cyp4A14
CPFP 40 mg/kg SAL i.p.
DEHP 1000 mg/kg CO p.o.
BHA 350 mg/kg CO i.p. Nrf2 Nqo1
OTZ 150 mg/kg CO p.o.
250 mg/kg CO p.o.

  • CO, corn oil; SAL, saline.