Classification, TaqMan primer and probe sources, and amplification efficiency of regulatory and xenobiotic metabolism genes profiled

Type I nuclear receptors recognize steroid hormones and function as monomers. Type II nuclear receptors require the RXR heterodimeric partner. Type III nuclear receptors are orphan nuclear receptors whose ligand has not been identified at the time of publication. Type IV nuclear receptors function as monomers but recognize ligands other than steroid hormones.

Gene Name


GenBank No.


Probe/Primer Source

Amplification Efficiency
β-Actin β-Actin NM_001101.2 Internal control Primer Express 81
Ary1 hydrocarbon receptor AHR NM_001621.3 PAS TF Primer Express 118
Constitutive androstane receptor CAR NM_005122.3 Type II NR Primer Express 81
Chicken ovalbumin upstream transcription factor 1 COUP-TF1 NM_005654.4 Type III NR Primer Express 81
Cytochrome P450 1A2 CYP1A2 NM_000761.3 Phase I enzyme (Yengi et al., 2003) 113
Cytochrome P450 2A6 CYP2A6 NM_000762.4 Phase I enzyme (Yengi et al., 2003) 109
Cytochrome P450 2B6 CYP2B6 NM_000767.4 Phase I enzyme Primer Express 64
Cytochrome P450 2C8 CYP2C8 NM_000770.3 Phase I enzyme (Yengi et al., 2003) 118
Cytochrome P450 2C9 CYP2C9 NM_000771.2 Phase I enzyme (Yengi et al., 2003) 98
Cytochrome P450 2C19 CYP2C19 NM_000769.1 Phase I enzyme (Yengi et al., 2003) 98
Cytochrome P450 2D6 CYP2D6 NM_000106.4 Phase I enzyme (Endrizzi et al., 2002) 108
Cytochrome P450 2E1 CYP2E1 NM_000773.3 Phase I enzyme Primer Express 103
Cytochrome P450 3A4 CYP3A4 NM_017460.3 Phase I enzyme Primer Express 85
Glucocorticoid receptor GR NM_001018077.1 Type I NR Primer Express 102
Hepatic nuclear factor 4α HNF4α NM_178849 Type IV NR Primer Express 82
Multidrug resistance protein 1 MDR1 NM_000927 Transporter Primer Express 111
Multidrug resistance-associated protein 2 MRP2 NM_000392.2 Transporter Primer Express 72
Nuclear receptor coactivator 1 NCOA1 NM_003743.4 NR coactivator Primer Express 142
Nuclear receptor corepressor NCoR NM_006311.2 NR corepressor Primer Express 104
Organic anion-transporting polypeptide 2 OATP2 NM_006446.2 Transporter Primer Express 92
PPARγ coactivator 1α PGC-1α NM_013261.3 NR coactivator (Bogacka et al., 2005) 93
PPARγ coactivator 1β PGC-1β NM_133263.2 NR coactivator ABI Hs00370186_m1 111
P450 oxidoreductase POR NM_000941.2 P450 regenerative enzyme Primer Express 81
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α PPARα NM_001001928.2 Type II NR (Bogacka et al., 2005) 110
Retinoid X receptor α RXRα NM_002957.3 Type IV NR Primer Express 70
Small heterodimer partner SHP NM_021969.1 Type III NR ABI Hs00222677_m1 113
Silencing mediator for retinoic acid and thyroid hormone receptor SMRT NM_006312.2 NR corepressor ABI Hs00196955_m1 107
Steroid and xenobiotic receptor SXR NM_003889.2 Type II NR Primer Express 82
UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A1 UGT1A1 NM_000463.2 Phase II enzyme Primer Express 82
Vitamin D receptor
Type II NR
Primer Express
  • ABI, predesigned Taqman Gene Expression Assay; assay I.D. number is provided. PAS TF, PR-ARNT-SIM family transcription factor. NR, nuclear receptor.