Appendix 2:

In Vivo Abbreviations





Equation Number
X Amount Supplemental data
C Concentration Supplemental data
V Volume 18
B Blood compartment 16
LV Liver vascular compartment 18
L,cell Liver cellular compartment 18
L,mem Liver cell membrane compartment 18
LI Liver interstitial compartment 18
I Interstitial compartment 18
T Tissue compartment 18
CLint,L,uptake Liver unbound sinusoidal uptake intrinsic clearance 16, 17
CLint,L,efflux Liver unbound sinusoidal efflux intrinsic clearance 16, 17
CLint,L,pass Liver unbound passive diffusion intrinsic clearance 16, 17
CLint,L Liver unbound intrinsic clearance 16, 17
fuB Unbound fraction in blood 16, 18
fuLI Unbound fraction in liver interstitial 18
fuI Unbound fraction in interstitial 18
fuL,cell Unbound fraction in liver cellular 18
k L,mem Proportionality constant between amount in liver cell membrane and free concentration of liver vascular compartment 18
fuT (fuL) Unbound fraction in body tissue (from liver homogenate) 18
CLB Clearance from blood 18
MRT Mean residence time Supplemental data
Vss Steady-state volume of distribution 18
t 1/2
Blood β phase half-life