Pharmacokinetic parameters of the inhibitors used for DDI simulations

InhibitorKaVd, ssCLPODose RegimenSimulated [I]max, ssObserved [I]max, ssReferences
DIL1.693.09175.8120 mg t.i.d., 13 days0.150.18Abernethy et al., 1991
CLAa1.72.058.1500 mg b.i.d. 7 days1.072.27Calabresi et al., 2004
ERY0.261.2763.6500 mg t.i.d., 7 days1.21.2Olkkola et al., 1993
VER1.223.4085.4120 mg t.i.d., 7 days0.150.25Murdoch et al., 1991
TAOa0.462.1430.0500 mg Sd1.081.77Genazzani, 1975
  • Sd, single dose.

  • a The PK parameters for CLA and TAO were obtained from Rodvold et al. (1999) and Genazzani (1975), respectively, and incorporated into Simcyp for PK simulation.