Summary of the study design

Four different treatments were included in the study. Rosuvastatin was administered alone as an intrajejunal and as an intravenous dose in TI and TIV, respectively. In TII and TIII, the intrajejunal dose of rosuvastatin was accompanied with either cyclosporine (TII) or gemfibrozil (TIII).

nInvestigational DrugsDose and Drug Administration Site
TI6Rosuvastatin80 mg i.j.
TII6Rosuvastatin + Cyclosporine80 mg i.j.300 mg CVC infusion (2 h)
TIII6Rosuvastatin + Gemfibrozil80 mg i.j.600 mg i.j.
TIV4Rosuvastatin5.9 mg i.v.
  • n, number of animals; CVC, central vein catheter.