Donor information

Human total RNAs from breast, adrenal, cerebellum, and stomach were derived from a single donor. Others samples were of pooled human total RNAs derived from three donors who are described in the table.





Cause of Death/Other
Liver M White 37 Suicide/36-foot fall
F White 70 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
M White 64 Intracranial hemorrhage
Heart F White 70 Sepsis
M White 57 Intracranial hemorrhage
M White 74 Stroke
Adipose tissue F White 68 Breast cancer with metastases to lungs and lymph nodes
M White 42 Alzheimer's disease
F White 65 Myocardial infarction
Thyroid F White 60 Renal failure
M White 87 Lung cancer
F White 68 Gallbladder cancer
Small intestine M White 46 Cerebrovascular accident
F White 40 Hemorrhagic stroke
M White 15 Anoxia
Bladder M White 80 Cardiopulmonary arrest
F White 55 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
M White 79 Cardiac arrest
Lung M White 46 Intracranial hemorrhage
M White 65 Myocardial infarction
F White 94 Cardiac arrest
Testes M White 19 Anoxic encephalopathy
M White 53 Colon cancer
M White 60 Cerebral vascular accident
Spleen M White 17 Motor vehicle accident
M African American 39 Motor vehicle accident
M White 50 Cerebrovascular accident
Cervix F White 61 Hysterectomy
F White 59 Hysterectomy
F White 34 Hysterectomy
Brain F White 59 Congestive heart failure
M White 23 Cardiac arrest
M Unknown 61 Cardiopulmonary arrest
Kidney F White 55 Intracranial bleed
M White 66 Cerebrovascular accident
F Unknown 23 Head trauma
Ovary F African American 42 Hysterectomy
F White 49 Hysterectomy
F White 53 Hysterectomy
Thymus F White 54 Subarachnoid hematoma
M White 42 Trauma
M White 21 Trauma
Trachea M White 59 Lung cancer
M White 72 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
M African American 20 Suicide
Colon M White 23 Blunt force trauma
M White 18 Head trauma
F White 68 Breast cancer with metastases to lungs and lymph nodes
Esophagus F White 85 Cardiomyopathy
F White 74 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
F White 68 Myocardial infarction
Prostate M White 79 Alzheimer's disease
M White 85 Congestive heart failure
M White 60 Myocardial infarction
Placenta F White 33 Childbirth
F White 19 Childbirth
F White Unknown Childbirth
Adrenal gland F White 91 Failure to thrive
Breast F White 62 Lung cancer
Cerebellum/brain M White 68 Coronary atherosclerosis/thrombosis
  • M, male; F, female.