Metabolic pathways observed in excreta of mice, rats, and dogs after single oral administration of [14C]casopitant

Percent dose figures are reported as a range because of metabolite coelutions.

Species (Gender)Piperazine Ring Opening and OxidationMethyl and Piperazine OxidationN-Demethylation and OxidationN-Dealkylation at Carbamate GroupN-Deacetylation and OxidationGlucuronidationGlutathione Conjugation
Mice (male)M141M3, M61, M50, M80M63M16, M20, M21, M28 M138M137
Rat (male)M31, M123, M134, M169M41, M50, M80M1, M33, M63M16, M20, M21, M28 M138M100, M102, M103, M106, M118, M119, M171, M172 M173M81
Rat (female)M31, M123, M134, M169M3, M13, M41, M50, M61,M80M1, M33, M63M20, M28, M138M76M78, M103, M104 M119
Dog (male)M31, M123, M134, M169M3, M37M1, M33M16, M21 M28,M138M9, M12M103, M104, M119M81, M82
  • N.A., not applicable, because mouse bile was not collected.