Correlation of chloramphenicol glucuronosyltransferase activity with the glucuronosyltransferase activities of marker substrates

Marker Substrate Activity3-O-CP UGT Activity1-O-CP UGT Activity
CP = 30 μMCP = 3000 μMCP = 30 μMCP = 3000 μM
AZT glucuronidation0.850.000a0.650.038a0.830.000a0.790.0038a
Propofol glucuronidation0.440.1800.710.018a0.160.630.310.36
Serotonin glucuronidation−0.010.970.310.36−0.100.76−0.0790.81
  • rs, Spearman rank order correlation coefficient.

  • a The correlations were considered statistically significant when the rs value was greater than or equal to 0.50 and the P value was less than 0.05.