Gene conversion events indicated by GENECONV

Alignments of UGT2B4-like and UGT2B7-like sequences were analyzed with GENECONV. Human, baboon (Papio anubis), and cynomolgus monkey (Macaca fascicularis) sequences were divided into separate groups to limit analysis to within-species gene conversion and reduce the multiple comparison penalty. The p values are based on 10,000 permutations, and only significant (p < 0.05) conversions are included. The different g-scales used to allow for mismatches are given in parentheses after the p value. Only converted sequences >95 nucleotides are listed, and the position is relative to the start codon.

Sequence NameGlobal p ValueSequencePairwise p ValuesSequence
babUGT2B39; UGT2B46<0.0001 (0)676–1193<0.0001 (0)676–1193
babUGT2B39; UGT2B400.0117 (0)958–15870.0001 (0)958–1587
babUGT2B39; UGT2B400.0121 (0)291–650
babUGT2B39; UGT2B450.0343 (0)1131–13050.0033 (0)1131–1305
babUGT2B39; UGT2B450.0207 (0)699–963
babUGT2B40; UGT2B440.0067 (0)550–9560.0006 (0)550–956
babUGT2B40; UGT2B450.0321 (0)1131–1305
babUGT2B44; UGT2B460.0117 (0)1147–15870.0009 (0)1147–1587
babUGT2B41; UGT2B420.0355 (1)596–986
monUGT2B19; UGT2B300.0154 (0)334–4520.0095 (0)334–452
  • bab, baboon/Papio anubis; mon, cynomolgus monkey/Macaca fascicularis.