Summary of mass spectral data of radioactive [14C]HKI-272 peptide adducts obtained by HCl hydrolysis of human plasma incubated with [14C]HKI-272 for 6 h

HKI-272 AdductsMatching ResiduePrecursor MH+Product Ions
K*190**703.311557, 658, 488, 147(d)
GK*189–190**760.333557, 315(a), 273(b), 228(c), 204(d)
K*A190–191**774.349557, 329(a), 287(b), 242(c), 218(d)
GK*A189–191831.370557, 386(a), 344(b), 299(c), 275(d)
K*AS190–192861.382557, 416(a), 374(b), 329(c), 305(d)
GK*AS189–192918.403557, 473(a), 431(b), 386(c), 362(d)
EGK*A188–191960.413557, 515(a), 473(b), 428(c), 404(d)
  • * , the AA residue to which HKI-272 is bound;

  • ** , more than one matching; (), fragmentation pathway of product ion formation (see Fig. 1).