Kinetic parameters obtained by using multisite models to explain the effect of daidzein or SN-38 on estradiol-3-glucuronidation

Data are mean (S.E.).

ModifierVmaxKsubKmodacdKinetic ModelR2
pmol/(min per mg of protein)μMμM
Daidzein190 (11)81 (6.3)6.3 (0.57)0.11 (0.032)2.6 (0.22)N.A.Eq. 30.96
SN-38170 (5.9)140 (21)24 (5.4)0.055 (0.018)0.65 (0.028)1.0 (0.11)Eq. 40.99
  • N.A., not applicable, Ksub and Kmod refer to the binding affinity of the substrate and modifier to the enzyme.