Kinetic parameters of gemfibrozil-related compounds to predict the DDI between pravastatin and gemfibrozil

Inhibitory effect of gemfibrozil-related compounds on the uptake of pravastatin by human kidney slices was examined. Ki values were determined by nonlinear regression analysis and are represented as the mean ± S.D.

KiCmaxfuaCmax, uR
Gemfibrozil1.47 ± 0.48100–150b,c0.006480.65–0.970.60–0.69
Gemfibrozil M33.97 ± 1.4924d0.01230.300.93
Gemfibrozil glucuronide9.05 ± 8.4320c0.1152.30.80
  • a Data from Shitara et al. (2004).

  • b Data from Backman et al. (2002).

  • c Data from Okerholm et al. (1976).

  • d Data from Nakagomi-Hagihara et al. (2007).