Donor variability and inducibility of acetaminophen and 6β-hydroxytestosterone formation in IL-6-treated fresh and cryopreserved hepatocytes

All donors were treated for 72 h with IL-6, whereas donor Hu4151 was treated with and without a fixed amount of inducer at each concentration of IL-6. Data were normalized to untreated values. Donors Hu1001, 4151, and 8064 are cryopreserved hepatocytes and Hu1146 and 1150 are fresh hepatocytes.

DonorEC50EmaxEminHill SlopeR2
pg/ml% treated cells
Acetaminophen formation
    Hu4151 + 50 μM omeprazole1120850136−1.420.97
6β-Hydroxytestosterone formation
    Hu4151 + 10 μM rifampicin157437438.3−1.230.98
  • N.A., not applicable, data fit to fixed-slope dose-response model.