Pharmacokinetic parameters of atomoxetine and duloxetine used in translational models to predict human brain extracellular pharmacokinetics

Duloxetine data are from Lobo et al. (2009).

ClinicalScaled from RatClinicalScaled from Rat
ka, h−13.10.168
CL/F, l/h20.645.1
V/F, liters121814
VCSF, liters0.160.16
VECF, liters0.310.31
VBC, liters1.041.04
CLPL-CSF, l/h0.00825NE
CLCSF-PL, l/h0.0205NE
QBCB, l/hNE0.0150.009
QBBB, l/h0.1810.026
CLECF-CSF, l/h0.0210.004
CLECF-BC, l/h0.3550.279
CLBC-ECF, l/h0.1530.412
ω-CL/F, %90.858.9
ω-V/F, %65.696.6
  • ω, intersubject variability; NE, not estimated.