Experimental human biliary excretion information used in the analysis

Calculation Method% Parent Drug in BileAdmin. RouteMethodCollection Interval
DoxorubicinCL × %bile14i.v.T-tube24
Digoxinbil. excr. rate /Cp, mid41i.vDuodenal perf.8
ErythromycinCL × %bile13i.v.Duodenal asp.20
CefazolinCL × %bile0.1i.v.T-tube
CefamandoleCL × %bile0.4i.v.T-tube6
CefotetanCL × %bile11i.v.Duodenal perf.7
CefiximeAmount in bile/AUC11p.oT-tube24
Ceftriaxonebil. excr. rate/Cp,ss30i.v.Duodenal perf.6-8
CefpiramideAmount in bile/AUC28i.v.T-tube24
CefoperazoneCL × %bile12i.v.T-tube24
ValsartanCL × %bile88i.v.T-tube24
MoxalactamCL × %bile0.5i.v.T-tube8
MethotrexateCL × %bile10i.v.T-tube24
PravastatinCL × %bile23i.v.T-tube24
DiclofenacCL × %bile1i.v.T-tube8
RanitidineCL × %bile1.5i.v.T-tube24
VincristineCL × %bile10i.v.T-tube72
MethadoneCL/F × %bile0.06p.oT-tube24
CiprofloxacinCL/F × %bile0.5p.oT-tube24
FexofenadineCL/F × %bile23p.oFecal ext.12
  • AUC, area under the plasma drug concentration-time profile; bil. excr. rate/Cp,ss or bil. excr. rate/Cp,mid, ratio of biliary excretion rate and the steady state plasma concentration or mid-point plasma concentration during the bile collection period; Duodenal asp., duodenal aspiration; Duodenal perf., duodenal perfusion; F, bioavailability; Fecal ext., fecal extraction; %bile, percentage of parent drug accounted for in bile; — indicates that the precise details of the procedure were not available in the literature.