IVIVC of intrinsic clearance using the human hepatocyte relay method

The human hepatocyte relay method was the same as that reported previously (Di et al., 2012), with the exception of antipyrine. A cell density of 2 million/ml was used for antipyrine due to the very low clearance.

CompoundsIn Vivo Human Intrinsic ClearanceIn Vitro Intrinsic Clearance from Human Hepatocyte Relay Method ± S.D.Fold Difference In Vivo/Relay Method
Ranitidine4.4 (Hallifax et al., 2010)3.1 ± 0.481.4
Tolbutamide4.9 (Brown et al., 2007)7.4 ± 0.40 (Di et al., 2012)0.66
Antipyrine0.6 (Hallifax et al., 2010)1.3 ± 0.250.46
Naproxen25 (Huntjens et al., 2006; Hallifax et al., 2010)18 ± 3.61.4
(±)-Ketoprofen78 (Hallifax et al., 2010)17 ± 6.64.6