Characteristics for 10 human donors used to assess impact of time and cryopreservation on aldehyde oxidase activity in suspended hepatocyte incubations

DonorAge (yr)RaceGenderCODAlcoholTobaccoSubstance AbuseMedical History
D1 (WOX)25CAMaleAnoxia- drug intoxYesYesYesNR
D2 (POG)35CAFemaleCVANoNoNoType II diabetes, early renal disease, HTN
D3 (XLA)42CAMaleHead trauma fallYesYesNRParkinson
D4 (LUH)64AAMaleStroke/CVANRNRNRNoonan’s syndrome
D5 (NQQ)6CAMaleAnoxiaNoNoNoEvan syndrome, autoimmune neutropenia
D6 (IEV)4CAFemaleAnoxiaNoNoNoNR
D7 (CNM)67CAMaleICHYesYesNoHTN with meds
D9 (SVL)69CAMaleICHSocialNoNoNR
D10 (CLL)74CAFemaleHead trauma fallNoNoNoNR
  • CA, Caucasian; AA, African-American; COD, cause of death; CVA, cerebrovascular accident; ICH, intracranial hemorrhage; HTN, hypertension; NR, not reported.