OAT6- and/or OAT1-interacting odorants

CAS No.OdorantKinetics (μM)Reference
123-66-02-Ethylhexanoate576.6(Kaler et al., 2006)
623-42-72-Methylbutyrate92040.7(Kaler et al., 2006)
65-85-0aBenzoate25313.8(Kaler et al., 2006)
111-14-8Heptanoate16.78.2(Kaler et al., 2006)
79-09-4Propanoic acid8180279(Kaler et al., 2006)
107-92-6Butyric acid3500(Kaler et al., 2007)
69134-53-8Diethyl 2-hydroxyglutarate369(Hagos et al., 2007)
142-62-1Hexanoic acid38(Kaler et al., 2007)
124-07-2Octanoic acid5.41(Kaler et al., 2007)
  • Note: These odorant molecules were used for the generation of pharmacophore hypotheses.

  • a Benzoate also showed elevated plasma concentration in the Oat1 KO mouse [Eraly et al. (2006); Wikoff et al. (2011)]; OAT1 displays similar kinetics for drugs, metabolites and toxins [UCSF Transportal,; Morrissey et al. (2012); VanWert et al. (2010)].