Mean pharmacokinetic parameters FST-Fc, MV9, and MV12 in SCID mice after a single 10 mg/kg subcutaneous administration

The plasma concentrations were determined using validated antigen capture ELISAs. Pharmacokinetic parameters were determined from a non-compartmental analysis model. Values in parentheses represent the S.E.M. as calculated by the sparse sampling method used to extract PK parameters.

FST-Fc11.3 (0.7)241092 (38)
MV910.7 (1.2)241347 (57)
MV1236.5 (4.3)122940 (77)
  • AUC0–last, area under the serum concentration curve from 0 to last concentration versus time point; Cmax, maximal observed serum concentration; Tmax, time at which maximal serum concentration was observed.