Effects of mutations/polymorphisms in shared motif region of OATs and ORs

OAT or ORVariantSubstrate/Ligand with Altered ResponseReference
OAT1(SLC22A6)R50HAdefovir, cidofovir, tenofovir(Bleasby et al., 2005)
URAT1(SLC22A12)R90HUrate(Ichida et al., 2004; Cheong et al., 2005)
URAT1(SLC22A12)V138MUrate(Ichida et al., 2004)
Or15A195XMultiple odorants(Hughes et al., 2014)
OR5A1N183Dβ-Ionone(Jaeger et al., 2013)
OR2A25S75NGeranyl acetate(Mainland et al., 2014)
OR2B11I130S+V198MSpearmint oil(Mainland et al., 2014)
  • X, various amino acids in Hughes et al. (2014).