Pharmacokinetic parameters FST-ΔHBS-Fc sialic acid variants in SCID mice after a single 1-mg/kg intravenous administration

Plasma concentrations were determined using validated antigen capture ELISAs. Pharmacokinetic parameters were determined from a linear trapezoidal with linear interpolation non-compartmental analysis model. Values in parentheses represent the S.E.M. as calculated by the sparse sampling analyses.

FST-ΔHBS-Fc VariantCmaxAUC0–lastCLVsst1/2
MV9 16% SA7.9 (2.1)400 (23)2.01570277
MV9 27% SA12.1 (0.3)546 (15)1.59346200
MV9 33% SA13.9 (1.2)681 (19)1.19326247
MV9 60% SA20.3 (0.7)1304 (24)0.64162181
MV12 36% SA12.5 (0.7)567 (13)1.49350194
MV12 70% SA17.7 (2.5)979 (69)0.75258289
  • AUC0–last, area under the serum concentration curve from 0 to last concentration versus time point; CL, clearance; Vss, volume of distribution at steady state; t1/2, elimination half-life.