Adjusted geometric means (%gCV) for pharmacokinetic parameters and relative bioavailability of caffeine, tolbutamide, 4-OH tolbutamide, midazolam, and 4-OH midazolam in HCV-infected patients before (day 1) and after (day 9) treatment of 8 days with 600 mg TID deleobuvir

SubstratePK parameterDay 9 (with DLV)Day 1 (CYP Probes)gMean Ratio90% CI for Ratio
Caffeine (CYP1A2 probe)
Cmax [μg/ml]177.43195.34139122159
AUC0–∞ [μg∙h per milliliter]151271977.5164130208
Tolbutamide (CYP2C9 probe)
Cmax [μmol/l]171571917092.286.798.1
AUC0–∞ [μmol∙h per milliliter]17192019222086.477.696.1
rAUC0–∞, M/P 4-OH tolbutamide/tolbutamide160.0317 (110)170.0209 (24.5)
Midazolam (CYP3A4 probe)
Cmax [nmol/l]1729.61923.8124108143
AUC0–∞ [nmol∙h per milliliter]171311910712399.1152
rAUC0–∞, M/P 1-OH Midazolam/midazolam170.219 (39.4)190.243 (52.8)