Brain ECF bupropion and hydroxybupropion population pharmacokinetic parameter estimates

Data are given as percentages (percent relative standard error of the estimate) and medians (5th to 95th percentiles). BAV is calculated as the square root of the variance × 100.

ParameterEstimate (RSE%)BAV (RSE%)Bootstrap Analysis
EstimateBAV (RSE%)
 CLin,B0/F (ml/min)18.3 (11.2)3.4 (1.9)18.6 (16.9–43.8)9.7 (14.4)
 CLout,B/F (ml/min)5.4 (16.5)5.6 (0.3)5.5 (4.4–16.2)14.2 (19.0)
 Vb,B/F (ml)10.67 (fixed)
 Slp0.04 (fixed)
 CLin,HB/F (ml/min)1.3 (30.1)132.9 (24.5)1.4 (0.9–1.9)128.6 (40.2)
 CLout,HB/F (ml/min)0.8 (26.9)99.1 (15.9)0.8 (0.5–1.2)94.3 (31.0)
 Vb,HB/F (ml)5.33 (fixed)
Residual error (proportional)
 Bupropion-brain0.165 (8.8)0.166 (0.143–0.188)
 Hydroxybupropion-brain0.163 (6.3)0.163 (0.146–0.178)
  • B, bupropion; CLin,B0/F, apparent influx clearance for bupropion at initial time; CLin,HB, apparent influx clearance for hydroxybupropion; CLout, apparent efflux clearance; HB, hydroxybupropion; RSE, relative standard error of the estimate; slp, slope relating time-dependent change in CLin B; Vb, apparent brain volume of distribution.