Demographic data for liver tissue samples

Prenatal with RNAPediatric without RNAPediatric with RNAAdult without RNAAdult with RNA
Tissue source
 LTCDS (Minnesota)013300
 LTCDS (Pittsburgh)0213024
 Total n = 2012462791026
RNA quality
 RNA RQI (range)8.8–100–6.46.5–9.80–4.47.4–9.9
Postmortem interval
 Range (hours)1–33–240.4–252–164–6
 Median (hours) (not perfused; perfused)2 (2, N/A)10 (9, 19)11 (6, 14)6 (5, 10)5 (5, N/A)
 Total n = 118 (perfused)9 (0)59 (8)39 (13)9 (1)2 (0)
 Age (range)78–147 (PCA, days).01–17.5 years0–17 years18–47 years23–79 years
 African American6237312
 Gender (male/female)b9/1040/2149/298/213/13
  • LTCDS, Liver Tissue Cell Distribution System; N/A, not applicable; PCA, post-conceptual age; RQI, RNA quality index; the Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders at the University of Maryland.

  • a Other includes Pacific islander, Native American, and those for which ethnicity is unknown.

  • b Gender was unknown for five prenatal and two pediatric samples (one with and one without RNA).