CYP2B6 mRNA expression, protein content, and bupropion hydroxylase activity

Prenatal, 78–147 Days (PCA)PediatricAdult, 18–79 Years
0 to <1 Years1 to <12 Years12 to <18 Years
mRNA expression (molecules/15 ng)
 Arithmetic mean0.7259945036733364
 Geometric mean0.58274961283700
 mRNA expression range0.22–3.40.70–14792.29–28,74416.8–27514.6–17,170
 mRNA expression fold variation16211312,5511643700
 Sample number2412442326
Protein expression (pmol/mg protein)
 Arithmetic mean2.351.235.111.357.65
 Geometric mean2.190.862.181.022.93
 Protein expression range0.73–3.550.24–9.040.15–47.390.2–9.590.30–32.00
 Protein expression fold variation53831648107
 Sample number2428644936
Activity (pmol/mg protein/min)
 Arithmetic mean05534788523
 Geometric mean02412543143
 Activity rangeaN/A5.74–5536.34–37145.73–5085.95–2366
 Activity fold variationN/A9658588.7398
 Sample number2419583732
  • N/A, not applicable; PCA, post-conceptual age.

  • a CYP2B6 activity range covers lowest to highest measurable activities for each age group.