Table 4

Capsule Endoscopy Studies—Linear Meta-Regression Model

Summary Statisticska = 16QM (df=1)b = 7.6931 (p = 0.0055)I2c = 93.76%R2d = 41.58%
EstimateStandard Errorp-Value95% CI (lower)95% CI (upper)
Fixed Effects
 Intercept (B0)270.34428.8046*253.0875287.6009
 Age (B1)−1.06950.38560.0055−1.8252−0.3137
Random Effects
 Between study variance (τ2)908.1523432.9293
 Tau (τ)30.1356
  • a k, number of subject groups;

  • b QM, heterogeneity statistic (Cochran's Q) – tests whether any coefficient (not including the intercept) is significantly different than 0

  • c I2, % of total variability due to heterogeneity;

  • d R2, % of total heterogeneity explained by the covariate(s);

  • * p-Value<0.0001; CI, confidence interval; —, value does not need to be determined.