Reproducibility assessment for control samples

Half-life values of the control samples across nine 384-well plates based metabolic stability assays were measured by UPLC/HRMS. Half-life categories: <10 min: low; >10 <30 min: moderate; >30 min: high.

Compound NameMolecular Formula Parent)/Exact Mass [M + H]+Linearity RangeNo. of Repeatst1/2 (Mean + S.D.)/Category
BuspironeC21H31N5O2/386.25501–1000182.5 ± 0.45 min/low
LoperamideC29H33ClN2O2/477.23032–1000183.5 ± 0.59 min/low
KetoconazoleC26H28Cl2N4O4/531.15604–100012a21 ± 3.6 min/moderate
AntipyrineC11H12N2O/189.10225–100018>>30b min/high
CarbamazepineC15H12N2O/237.10222–100018>>30b min/high
  • a Initial three experiments did not include ketoconazole as a control.

  • b Half-lives of antipyrine and carbamazepine ranged from 150 to 400 minutes; hence, no S.D. was depicted.