Plasma exposure of pefloxacin and metabolites as percentage of total drug-related exposure after a single 25-mg/kg oral dose of [14C]pefloxacin or pefloxacin to male Sprague-Dawley rats

CompoundPercent Exposure Relative to Total Drug-Related Exposure
Radioactivity19F NMR
0–4 h AUC0.5–2 h AUCa0–24 h AUC
Parent (pefloxacin)64.870.380.7
M7 (norfloxacin)
M4 (pefloxacin glucuronide)16.916.210.5
M8 (pefloxacin + O)
  • a Plasma samples were collected at 0.5, 2, and 24 hours postdose. Because of an oversight, a 24-hour sample was not used in the AUC pool.