Comparison of the sensitivity to compounds tested in this study with published spheroid models

Cell TypePHHHepaRGHepG2HLCC3ARat Hepatocytes
AcuteRepeated Dose (14 Days)Acutea,bRepeated Dose (72 h)bAcuteb,c,dRepeated Dose (6 Days)cAcuted,eAcutefAcuteg
APAP, mM>100.63ND249.4304040
AFB, µM0.40.031.6ND>200ND7NDND
AMD, µM>10011.9178ND50–>200ND25260ND
CPZ, µM16.64.6984343NDNDNDND
TRO, µM37.41.5400ND80–15010050NDND
  • AFB, aflatoxin B1; AMD, amiodarone; CPZ, chlorpromazine; HLC, Stem cell-derived hepatocyte-like cells; ND, not determined; TRO, troglitazone; XIM, ximelagatran.

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