Parameters used in calculation of MPPGK and CPPGK from human and dog kidney cortex samples

Abs_ProtxAbsolute protein yield in homogenate or subfraction (x)mg
[Prot]xProtein concentration of homogenate or subfraction (x)mg/ml
Vx, totalVolume of homogenate or subfraction (x), before aliquots are taken for analysis where applicableml
Vx, aliquotVolume of homogenate or subfraction aliquot taken for analysisml
MarkerxActivity or content of subcellular protein marker in homogenate, microsome, or cytosol (x)nmol/mg protein (CYP)
nmol/min/mg protein (G6Pase)
nmol/min/mg protein (GST)
WKidWeight of starting kidney tissue minceg
YieldMarker, theorTheoretical yield of subcellular protein marker from homogenate, accounting for aliquot removalnmol (CYP)
nmol/min (G6Pase)
nmol/min (GST)
YieldMarker, actualActual yield of subcellular protein marker from homogenatenmol (CYP)
nmol/min (G6Pase)
nmol/min (GST)
RecoveryXPercent recovery%
EnrichmentxEnrichment factor of subcellular protein (x)
Mic_ ProtHomAmount of microsomal protein in the homogenate, based on starting tissue weight and the
Mic_GSTHomActivity of GST in the homogenate attributable to microsomal isoform(s)nmol/min
YieldGST,theor,correctedTheoretical cytosolic GST activity yield. The GST activity yield in the homogenate that was attributed to the cytosolic fraction (i.e., corrected for the microsomal GST activity)nmol/min
S9_contributionHomTheoretical % contribution of the microsomal protein and cytosolic protein (i.e., S9 fraction) to overall protein in homogenate%
  • a Where x represents either homogenate (Hom), 9000g supernatant (S9), or microsomes (Mic). Equations are stated in the Materials and Methods (eq. 112).