CYP content, G6Pase activity, and MPPG measured in homogenate and microsomal samples prepared from fresh dog kidney cortex, frozen dog kidney cortex, and frozen dog liver

Average values are presented, with CVs in parentheses. G6Pase activity was not measured in samples prepared from fresh dog kidney cortex. Data for individual dogs are presented (Supplemental Table S2).

CYP Content (nmol/mg Protein)G6Pase Activity (nmol/min/mg Protein)MPPG (mg/g Tissue)
HomogenateMicrosomesHomogenateMicrosomesCYP contentG6Pase activity
Fresh tissue (n = 14)Dog kidney cortex0.086 (24%)0.205 (23%)Not measuredNot measured43.1 (22%)Not measured
Dog intestineaData not available0.059 (27%)Not measuredNot measured6.5 (61%)Not measured
Frozen tissue (n = 17)Dog kidney cortex0.056 (16%)0.230 (15%)19.9 (16%)62.1 (16%)33.9 (18%)44.0 (16%)
Dog liver0.113 (19%)0.665 (20%)23.8 (15%)91.2 (18%)41.1 (12%)63.6 (18%)
  • a Data for dog intestine were provided by Dr Oliver Hatley (manuscript in preparation) and represent data pooled from several intestinal regions.