Demographic and clinical details of the individual liver donors of samples used in this study

The final column shows the suppliers of samples. HLM samples were prepared by the suppliers using differential centrifugation of hepatic tissue homogenates.

Patient SampleAge (yr)EthnicityGenderCause of DeathSmokingAlcohol UseMedical HistoryMedicationSupplier
HLM0131CFMotor vehicle accidentYesNoNoneNoneBD Gentest
HLM0262CFHead traumaNoNoHypertensionHypertension medicationsBD Gentest
HLM0341HFCVANoOccasionalHypertension,mild strokeAtenolol, dobutamine, morphine, NuprinBD Gentest
  • C, Caucasian; CVA, cerebrovascular aneurysm; H, Hispanic; F, Female; M, male.