Relationship between the presence of a predicted heme covalent link and 20-HETE formation in human CYP4 enzymes

SubfamilyEnzymeLocalizationCovalent HemeAA Metabolite
CYP4A4A11Liver, kidneyYes (FEGHDT)20-HETE Powell et al. (1998)
4A22Liver, kidneyYes (FEGHDT)
CYP4FB4B1Lung, bladderYes (FEGHDT)
CYP4V4V2RetinaYes (FEGHDT)20-HETE Nakano (2011)
CYP4F4F2Liver, kidneyYes (FEGHDT)20-HETE Powell et al. (1998)
4F3AMyeloid tissuesYes (FEGHDT)20-HETE Fer et al. (2008)
4F3BLiver, kidneyYes (FEGHDT)20-HETE Christmas et al. (2001)
4F11Liver, kidneyYes (FEGHDT)20-HETE Tang et al. (2010)
4F22SkinYes (FEGHDT)
4F8UrogenitalNo (FGGHDT)18-HETE Bylund et al. (2000)
4F12Liver, intestineNo (FGGHDT)18-HETE Bylund et al. (2001)
CYP4X4X1Brain, skinNo (LAGHDT)14,15-EET Stark et al. (2008)
CYP4Z4Z1Breast tissueNo (FAGHDT)20-HETE Yu et al. (2012)
4Z1Breast tissueNo (FAGHDT)14,15-EET (current study)