Protein expression of oatps and transport-mediated intrinsic Embedded Imageof RSV in CHO-Oatp1a1, HEK293-Oatp1a4, and HEK293-Oatp1b2 cells

Data are the mean ± S.D. of triplicate determination. Transporter-mediated uptake CL of RSV was calculated as the ratio of RSV transporter-mediated uptake (uptake in transfected cells minus that in mock cells) over 5 s (Oatp1a1) or 15 s (Oatp1a4 and Oatp1b2) and the total buffer RSV concentration (0.07 µM).

Oatp IsoformTransporter ExpressionIntrinsic Embedded Image
µl/min per mg total proteinµl/min per femtomol transporter
fmol/µg membrane protein
1a16.72 ± 0.634590.113
1a42.61 ± 0.2554.00.043
1b218.1 ± 1.791430.015