Metabolite profiling results for 36 plasma samples collected from nine representative patients of the 15 mg twice daily dose group in a Phase IIb clinical trial

Patients were designated with arbitrary letters to keep anonymous.

Representative CategoryPatientCenterDayAZD7325 Concentration (ng/ml)Metabolites
No sample below LOQX03768.5Full profile
X031464.5Full profile
X032183.3Full profile
X032891.1Full profile
Y05724.1Full profile
Y051431.8Full profile
Y052121.0Full profile
Y052893.1Full profile
Z56780.4Full profile
Z561435.0Full profile
Z562136.0Full profile (see Fig. 5A)
Z562846.0Full profile
Some samples below LOQR14753.9Full profile
R14143.0Full profile
R1421Below LOQOnly M9, M10 and M42 (see Fig. 5B)
R1428Below LOQOnly M9, M10 and M42
S49724.3Full profile
S491422.0Full profile
S4921Below LOQOnly M9, M10 and M42
S4928Below LOQOnly M10 and M42
T20717.8Full profile
T2014Below LOQOnly M9, M10, M42, and M46
T2021Below LOQOnly M9, M10, M42, and M46
T2028Below LOQOnly M10, M42, and M46
All samples below LOQU167Below LOQNone
U1614Below LOQNone
U1621Below LOQNone (see Fig. 5C)
U1628Below LOQNone
V407Below LOQNone
V4014Below LOQNone
V4021Below LOQNone
V4028Below LOQNone
W457Below LOQNone
W4514Below LOQNone
W4521Below LOQNone
W4528Below LOQNone
  • LOQ, limit of quantitation (i.e., 0.5 ng/ml).