Comparison of predicted and observed values for PK parameters for metformin

Simulation conditions are listed by rank order according to Σδall. δ is the absolute difference between one and the ratio of the predicted value of the parameter over the observed value, as defined by eq. 6 in the Materials and Methods section. Supplemental Table 39 provides actual parameter estimates as well as δ values.

 Sim healthy volunteers0.1910.0070.1720.1620.0620.5950.224
Moderate RI
 Sim GFR 30–600.3280.5360.6742.150.2493.942.40
 OCT2 20%0.0400.3470.3740.1920.0561.010.248
 OCT2 20% OCT2 R20.1520.2620.1850.3030.2341.140.537
 OCT2 20% OCT1 10%0.2480.1500.0380.1910.5241.150.715
 OCT2 20% OCT1 10% OCT2 R20.5360.0000.4700.3030.3611.670.664
 OCT2 R20.1360.4030.4770.6310.0481.690.679
 OCT1 10% OCT2 R20.0880.2430.1970.6310.5651.721.20
 OCT1 10%0.2320.4390.5592.150.6544.042.81
Severe RI
 Sim GFR less than 300.2820.4630.5631.100.0362.451.14
 OCT2 R20.0120.3100.2780.0180.1860.8060.204
 OCT1 10% OCT2 R20.1970.1020.1970.0180.3040.8180.322
 OCT2 20%0.0770.2470.1310.3170.2971.070.614
 OCT2 20% OCT1 10%0.3470.0080.6080.3180.2481.530.566
 OCT2 20% OCT2 R20.1670.1600.1330.6440.4871.591.13
 OCT1 10%0.1620.3410.3771.100.4282.411.53
 OCT2 20% OCT1 10% OCT2 R20.6760.1811.2350.6450.0002.740.645