Comparison of predicted and observed values for PK parameters for ranitidine

Simulation conditions are listed by rank order according to Σδall. δ is the absolute difference between one and the ratio of the predicted value of the parameter over the observed value, as defined by eq. 6 in the Materials and Methods section. This table has been abbreviated to contain only the top-five simulations for each dose/RI combination. Supplemental Table 40 provides values for each simulation including actual parameter estimates as well as δ values.

 Sim-healthy volunteers500.340.2350.4000.1601.140.560
 Sim-healthy volunteers250.530.3310.4870.1791.530.666
Moderate RI
 Sim GFR 30–60500.0830.0900.3600.2560.7890.616
 OAT3 10% OAT3 R4500.0830.0750.0600.1280.3460.188
 OAT3 10%500.0670.0600.0900.1400.3570.230
 OAT3 R4500.0440.0450.1200.1560.3650.276
 OCT2 R2500.1390.1200.0660.0760.4010.142
 OCT2 20%500.2060.1700.1670.0200.5630.187
Severe RI
 Sim GFR less than 30500.4230.6923.952.277.336.22
 OCT2 20% OAT3 10% OCT2 R2 OAT3 R4500.0190.0370.0690.1290.2540.198
 OCT2 20% OAT3 10% OCT2 R2500.0060.0190.0590.2540.3380.313
 OCT2 20% OCT2 R2 OAT3 R4500.0350.0190.2210.3960.6710.617
 OCT2 20% OAT3 10% OAT3 R4500.0580.0370.3770.5271.000.904
 OCT2 20% OAT3 10%500.0790.0650.5000.6211.271.12
 Sim GFR less than 30250.3960.67020.311.532.931.8
 OCT2 20% OAT3 10% OCT2 R2 OAT3 R4250.0650.0552.983.346.446.32
 OCT2 20% OAT3 10% OCT2 R2250.0390.0283.523.827.417.34
 OCT2 20% OCT2 R2 OAT3 R4250.0090.0004.194.378.578.56
 OCT2 20% OAT3 10% OCT2 R2 OAT3 R4 OATP1B3 R1250.4520.3082.984.858.597.83
 OCT2 20% OAT3 10% OCT2 R2 OATP1B3 R1250.4130.2893.525.469.698.98