C. Intrinsic clearances numerically calculated from A and Bf,j

ParametersFitted values
β = 0.2β = 0.31β = 0.5
CLint,bile (Liters/h)15.4 ± 7.6k18.3 ± 12.8k26.6 ± 36.4k
PSact (Liters/h)3383 ± 1658k2205 ± 1538k1405 ± 1918k
PSdif,eff (Liters/h)67.9 ± 33.5k44.3 ± 31.0k28.2 ± 38.5k
PSdif,inf (Liters/h)17.0 ± 8.4k11.1 ± 7.7k7.05 ± 9.64k
  • a In-house data obtained in metabolic study using human liver microsomes.

  • b In-house data obtained in uptake study using suspended human hepatocytes.

  • c Definition of these hybrid parameters were shown in Materials and Methods.

  • d In-house data obtained in uptake study using sandwich-cultured human hepatocytes.

  • e Determination of γ was shown in Supplemental Information.

  • f Values are shown as the mean ± standard deviation.

  • g Determined based on the clearance concept using reported intravenous data (Martin et al., 2003a).

  • h WSS was calculated using eq. 13.

  • i AIC was calculated using eq. 14.

  • j All these parameters were mathematically calculated using parameters shown in Table 1A and 1B.

  • k Standard deviation values were calculated by applying to the propagation of error assuming independent variables.