Summary of metabolites observed following incubation in human hepatocyte suspension and the HµREL coculture model and comparison with reported in vivo metabolite data

CompoundMetaboliteObserved m/zHepatocyte SuspensionHµREL Coculture ModelReported In Vivo
TimololParent Drug317.1638XXX
 T1Tim + Gluc493.1955X
 T2Tim – C2H2291.1485XX
 T3Tim + 2O (a)349.1536XX
 T4Tim + 2O (b)349.1537XX
 T5Tim + O (a)333.1592XXX
 T6Tim + O (b)333.1589X
MeloxicamParent Drug352.0417XXX
 M1Melox + O + Gluc544.0679X
 M2Melox Cleavage216.0323TraceX
 M3Melox + O368.0368Trace
 M6Melox + 4H + O372.0676X
LinezolidParent Drug338.1505XXX
 L1Lin + 2O (a)370.1403TraceXX
 L2Lin + 2O (b)370.1404XXX
 L3Lin – C2H2312.1352TraceX
 L4Lin + H2O (a)356.1611TraceX
 L5Lin + H2O (b)356.1614TraceX
 L6Lin – C2H2O296.1402TraceX
 L7Lin + 2O – C2H4O326.1147XX
 L8Lin + O – 2H352.1300TraceX
XK469Parent Drug345.0632XXX
 X1XK469-Cys-2H (a)464.0670X
 X2XK469-Cys-2H (b)464.0668X
  • —, Not detected.

  • a Multiple glucuronide conjugates were observed.

  • X; observed metabolite.