Summary of human ocular tissue derived cell lines listed with their respective transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) values and commonly reported applications

TissueCell LineTEER (Ω*cm2)UseReferences
CorneaHCE>400Permeability and toxicityRanta et al. (2003), Sunkara and Kompella (2003), Toropainen et al. (2003)
HCE-T>400Pharmacology and toxicityKahn et al. (1993), Kruszewski et al. (1997), Ward et al. (1997)
HPV transduced HCE>400Permeability and toxicityMohan et al. (2003)
ConjunctivaHCJENAPharmacologyGipson et al. (2003)
HCJENAPharmacologyDiebold et al. (2003)
3D- human conjunctivaNAPharmacologyGarcia-Posadas et al. (2017)
Blood aqueous barrierCiliary epithelial cells∼20No utilityNoske et al. (1995)
RPEARPE-19∼100Pharmacology and permeabilityDunn et al. (1996)
Human RPE30PharmacologyHoltkamp et al. (1998)
Human RPENAPharmacology and permeabilityLu et al. (1995)
Human RPENAPharmacology and gene deliveryUrtti et al. (2000)
Retinal endothelial cellsHREC-hTERTNAPharmacologyKashyap et al. (2013)
HRECNAPharmacologyBajpai et al. (2007)
  • HCE, human corneal epithelial cell line; HCJE, Human conjunctival epithelial cells; HPV, human papillomavirus; NA, not available; HREC, Human retinal microvascular endothelial cells; RPE, retinal pigment epithelium.