Summary of calculated pharmacokinetic parameters fixed in PBPK analyses

If not indicated, pharmacokinetic parameters were derived from the University of Washington Metabolism and Transport Drug Interaction Database (DIDB).

CompoundKp,haFaFgRBfBReferences (PubMed ID)
 Imipramine-b0.971.16429693, 10534321
 Lansoprazole-b1.97d0.568803522, 20056146
 Oxycodone-b1.05d1.319417618, 22798176
 Itraconazole6.380.8850.580.06218483837, 17495874
  • FaFg, intestinal availability; RB, blood-to-plasma concentration ratio.

  • a Predicted with the reported in silico methods (Rodgers et al., 2005; Rodgers and Rowland, 2006).

  • b Estimated in the following PBPK analysis.

  • c Thummel et al. 2010.

  • d FaFg calculated to be >1 was fixed as 1 for PBPK analysis.

  • e Assumed to be equal to 1.

  • f Tono et al. 1992.

  • g Assumed to be equal to 0.6.