List of inhibitors analyzed in this study

Initial parameter settings and the results of the analyses are summarized in the corresponding figures and tables.

DrugAdministrationObjective FunctionSupplemental DataReference (PubMed ID)
FluconazoleSingle intravenous/oralAUCinfTable 1, Fig. 12540363
FluoxetineSingle/multiple oralAUCinfTables 2.1, 2.2; Figs. 2.1, 2.21544284
FluvoxamineSingle oralAUCinfTable 3, Fig. 38499580
ItraconazoleMultiple oralAUCinfTable 4, Fig. 42848442
QuinidineSingle oralAUCinfTable 5, Fig. 57693389
VoriconazoleMultiple oralAUCinfTable 6, Fig. 616291712
  • AUC, area under the plasma concentration–time curve; AUCinf, AUC from time zero to infinity.

  • a Plasma concentration–time profiles were not considered in the analyses of DDI and were not analyzed with PBPK models because the inhibition of CYP enzymes involved mechanism-based inhibition.