Quantitative targeted absolute proteomics of OATP1A2-expressing HEK293T cells

Transporter protein expression in OATP1A2-expressing HEK293T cells was quantified as described in Materials and Methods. The protein expression level of target molecule was determined as an average and variability (mean ± S.E.) of the quantitative values obtained from different SRM/MRM transitions in three analyses.

Molecular NamesPeptide SequenceProtein Expression Level
fmol/μg protein
OATP1A2^IYIYDSTTFRU.L.Q. (<0.073)11 ± 3.1
OATP1A2^EGEGLETNADIIKU.L.Q. (<0.27)10 ± 2.9
Na+/K+ ATPaseAAVPDAVGK26 ± 7.516 ± 4.5
  • EV, empty-vector expressing HEK 293T cells; OATP1A2, OATP1A2-expressing HEK293T cells.