Human P450-transgenic and P450-humanized mouse models

ModelHuman P450 Transgene StructurePromoterMouse Gene Knockout for HumanizationReferences
CYP1A1/1A2-transgenicGene (BAC)AuthenticNoneJiang et al. (2005)
CYP1A1/1A2 humanizedGene (BAC)AuthenticCyp1a1_1a2-nullDragin et al. (2007)
CYP1B1-transgeniccDNATetracycline-regulated promoterNoneHwang et al. (2001)
CYP1B1 humanizedGene (BAC)AuthenticCyp1b1-nullLi et al. (2014a)
CYP2A6-transgeniccDNAMouse transthyretin promoter and enhancerNoneZhang et al. (2005)
CYP2A13/2B6/2F1-transgenicGene (BAC)AuthenticNoneWei et al. (2012)
CYP2A13/2B6/2F1 humanizedGene (BAC)AuthenticCyp2a5-nullMegaraj et al. (2014)
Cyp2f2-nullCruzan et al. (2013)
Cyp2abfgs-nullLi et al. (2014b)
CYP2A13-humanizedGene (modified BAC)AuthenticCyp2abfgs-nullJia et al. (2014)
CYP2C8-transgeniccDNAMouse Tie2 promoter and enhancerNoneLee et al. (2010)
CYP2C9-humanizedcDNAMouse albumin promoterCyp2c-nullScheer et al. (2012a)
CYP2C18/2C19-transgenicGene (BAC)AuthenticNoneLöfgren et al. (2008)
CYP2D6-transgenicGene (PAC)AuthenticNoneCorchero et al. (2001)
CYP2D6-transgenicGene (PAC)AuthenticNoneCheng et al. (2013)
CYP2D6.N-humanizedGene (BAC)AuthenticCyp2d-nullScheer et al. (2012b)
CYP2D6.1-humanizedGene (modified BAC)AuthenticCyp2d-nullScheer et al. (2012b)
CYP2D6.2-humanizedGene (modified BAC)AuthenticCyp2d-nullScheer et al. (2012b)
CYP2E1-transgeniccDNAMouse albumin promoter/enhancerNoneMorgan et al. (2002)
CYP2E1-humanizedGene (BAC)AuthenticCyp2e1-nullCheung et al. (2005)
CYP2J2-transgeniccDNAMouse Tie2 promoter and enhancerNoneLee et al. (2010)
CYP3A4-transgenicGene (BAC)AuthenticNoneGranvil et al. (2003)
CYP3A4-transgeniccDNAHuman ApoE promoterNonevan Herwaarden et al. (2005)
CYP3A4-humanizedcDNAHuman ApoE promoter or mouse villin promoterCyp3a-nullvan Herwaarden et al. (2007)
CYP3A7-transgeniccDNAMouse MT-1 promoterNoneLi et al. (1996)
CYP3A4/3A7-transgenicGene (BAC)AuthenticNoneCheung et al. (2006)
CYP3A4/3A7-transgenicGene (BAC)Authentic (PXR humanized)NoneMa et al. (2008)
CYP3A4/3A7-humanizedGene (modified BAC)Authentic (PXR and CAR humanized)Cyp3a-null (except for Cyp3a13)Hasegawa et al. (2011a)
CYP3A4/3A5*3/3A7/3A43-humanizedGene (HAC)Authentic (CYP3A5 not expressed)Cyp3a-nullKazuki et al. (2013)
CYP3A4/3A5*1/3A7/3A43-humanizedGene (modified HAC)Authentic (CYP3A5 expressed)Cyp3a-nullAbe et al. (2017)
CYP4A11-transgenicGene (BAC)AuthenticNoneSavas et al. (2009)
CYP4B1-transgeniccDNAHuman ApoE promoterNoneImaoka et al. (2001)
CYP4F2-transgeniccDNA (expressing His-tag)Mouse KAP promoterNoneLiu et al. (2009)
  • Models that are derived via cross-breeding between two different human CYP-transgenic models are not included. Authentic, original human CYP promoter was contained in the transgene; KAP, kidney androgen-regulated protein; PAC, P1 phage artificial chromosome.