Summary of CLh predictions for 17 compounds using HepatoPac incubations from three donors

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  • b The in vivo clearance value reported for extensive metabolizers was used since the incidence of this phenotype is highest in the population. N.D., Not determined. Predicted CLh values for both corrected (CLh,w/f u) and not corrected (CLh, w/o/f u) for plasma protein binding werederived from the average of at least 2 replicates. Values that are highlighted in green are within 2-fold of the in vivo CL non-renal; values that arehighlighted in yellow are within 3-fold of the in vivo CLnon-renal; values that are highlighted in red are outside 3-fold of the in vivo CLnon-renal.Categorization of fold prediction was defined as follows for ± 2-fold, 0.45 ≤ value ≤ 2.1; ± 3-fold, 0.325 ≤ value ≤ 3.1.