Lesinurad atropisomer urine pharmacokinetic parameters (geometric mean and 95% confidence interval)

The P values were determined using a paired t test. The fraction excreted in urine and CLr values for each atropisomer were calculated using one-half of the racemate dose based on the fact that the racemate exists as a 50:50 mixture of two atropisomers and absorption of lesinurad was assumed to be nonstereoselective.

Multiple doses day 14Atropisomer 165.9 (49.78–87.3)32.9 (24.8–43.7)40.8 (31.5–52.9)
Multiple doses day 14Atropisomer 2101 (81.1–127)50.7 (40.6–63.3)48.6 (37.3–63.4)
Multiple doses day 14Atropisomer 1/atropisomer 2 ratio0.650 (0.602–0.702)0.648 (0.61–0.69)0.839 (0.818–0.86)
Multiple doses day 14P value0.0050.0050.153
  • Ae0–24, amount excreted in urine from time zero to 24 hours; fe, fraction excreted in urine.