Allometric scaling of cefadroxil Peff to humans when estimated by the in situ permeability of small and large intestines from WT and humanized PepT1 mice

Intestinal segments include duodenum, jejunum, ileum, and ascending colon. The Peff values of cefadroxil in humans were predicted after single oral doses of 5, 15, and 30 mg/kg, after 500 mg (6.7 mg/kg) oral doses every 6 hours, and after the drug-drug interaction of 5 mg/kg cefadroxil plus 45 mg/kg cephalexin. The intestinal permeability (Peff) is in units of centimeter/second (×10−4). The method for obtaining these values is described in the Supplemental Material.

Segment5 mg/kg Dose15 mg/kg Dose30 mg/kg Dose500 mg (6.7 mg/kg) DoseCEF + CEP Dose (hu)
Jej 14.481.242.490.701.580.423.931.090.26
Jej 24.321.192.400.681.530.413.781.050.25
Ile 11.950.801.080.450.690.271.710.710.17
Ile 21.860.761.030.430.660.261.630.670.16
Ile 31.730.710.960.400.610.241.520.630.15
Asc colon0.
  • Asc, ascending; CEF, cefadroxil; CEP, cephalexin; Duo, duodenum; hu, humanized; Ile, ileum; Jej, jejunum.