Comparison of predicted and observed pharmacokinetic parameters of cefadroxil in humans when estimated by in silico and allometric scaling methods of in situ intestinal permeability from WT and humanized PepT1 mice

The Peff values are based on the jejunal permeability and the segmental permeabilities of the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, and colon. The observed values were obtained from the literature (Garrigues et al., 1991).

DosePeff MethodCmax (μg/ml)AUC0–t (μg⋅h/ml)
5In Silico14.77.1−51.745.528.4−37.5
Rat Jej14.77.2−51.145.528.7−36.8
WT Seg14.730.210645.555.121.1
WT Jej14.730.710945.555.622.3
hu Seg14.719.129.845.549.28.3
hu Jej14.718.626.445.550.511.0
15WT Seg33.971.811212615825.4
WT Jej33.973.711712616329.5
hu Seg33.937.19.5126119−5.2
hu Jej33.937.610.9126125−0.4
30WT Seg53.811010423928720.1
WT Jej53.891.069.023930728.6
hu Seg53.853.0−1.5239196−17.8
hu Jej53.856.24.5239209−12.6
  • hu, humanized; Jej, jejunum; Seg, segment.